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About LSBA

Louisiana Small Business Association (LSBA) is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of small businesses in the state of Louisiana. LSBA lobbies the state legislature and executive governing bodies and maintains relationships with the regulatory agencies that affect Louisiana’s small businesses. LSBA is also your educational resource for state and federal laws and regulations that affect your business.

It is LSBA’s mission to serve as a trusted resource, protecting the interests of Louisiana small business owners. We are committed to providing our members with the tools and education necessary to operate their business, as we’ve been doing since 1990.

Membership Benefits

The presence of state government in Louisiana businesses is unavoidable. Your LSBA membership, however, can make this burden easier to comply with and less intrusive.

Please join your fellow Louisiana employers in supporting the small business community by becoming a member of LSBA. Complete our ON-LINE NEW MEMBER APPLICATION or download our printable NEW MEMBER APPLICATION. It is that easy!

Membership benefits of LSBA include:

  • LSBA's "All-in-One" labor law poster set, which contains all state and federal mandated postings.­ Provided free to LSBA members, your "All-in-One" labor law poster is updated when necessary to keep in compliance.
  • ISSUES, LSBA's monthly newsletter, which reports on legislation and regulations that affect your business and explains how to stay in compliance with state and federal laws.
  • Access to our "First Call" program.­ LSBA acts as a liaison between your business and state agencies.­ When you are having trouble getting results at the state level, our staff can assist you.
  • Additional member services include bill tracking and access to our legislative and regulatory research team.



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