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Regulatory Assistance

LSBA's efforts to assist your business do not stop at the State Capitol.­ Our staff has experience working with regulatory agencies to resolve our member's problems.­ No one likes calling a state agency's customer service helpline, only to spend hours navigating through an automated calling service, and never actually speaking with a live person.­ Let our staff help you with your regulatory questions.­ Here are just a few examples of regulatory issues that we can assist you with:

  • Employee Compensation
    What the law requires, minimum wage, overtime pay, what counts as working, required records, child labor and industry specific issues.
  • Unemployment Compensation
    What unemployment compensation is, who has to pay & why, how your unemployment compensation tax rate is determined, how workers qualify for unemployment compensation benefits and how to prevent unemployment claims.
  • Workers' Compensation
    Who needs workers' compensation insurance, exemptions, reporting an injury, penalties, required records, how to save money on workers' compensation and discrimination.
  • Handling Worthless Checks
    Accepting checks, what information you should collect on a check, how to handle a worthless check and penalties for passing worthless checks.
  • Legislative Assistance
    Keep track of newly passed bills, and request a copies of bills that are of interest to you.
  • State Agency
    LSBA has put together a list of state and federal agencies, which includes contact information for your parish's local government.

First Call Program

Through LSBA’s “First Call” program, our members can get help with issues like providing lunch hours/breaks, hiring/firing procedures and other regulatory questions. When you call with a question, our staff will get you the answer immediately, along with any necessary form(s). Email us your questions now!

For a list of state and federal agencies, and their websites, please visit our Resources & Links page.





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